2020Workshop titleSpeakerFlyer
Thu 13th Feb, 7:15 PM * Successful Nature and Landscape ImagesMartin Sanders and Brian EastwoodView
Thu 5th Mar, 7:15 PMUsing photography in a painting workflowIngrid BootView
Thu 2nd Apr, 7:15 PMArchitectureSarah Caldwell
Thu 7th May, 7:15 PMSquare FormatMartin Sanders
Thu 4th Jun, 7:15 PMTBCTBA
Thu 2nd Jul, 7:15 PMYoung Ocean ExplorersSteve Hathaway
Thu 6th Aug, 7:15 PMTBCTBA
Thu 3rd Sep, 7:15 PMTBCTBA
Thu 1st Oct, 7:15 PMTBATBA
Thu 5th Nov, 7:15 PMTBCTBA
* Note change of date